We know The Law,
We Know The Industry.

Steeped in the energy industry and FERC regulation, Wright & Talisman is a boutique FERC firm uniquely invested in counseling clients through the complexities of the federal energy regulatory landscape. We bring substantial depth of experience to our clients’ legal and regulatory challenges concerning transmission and generation of electric energy, regional transmission operators and centralized energy markets, as well as the natural gas and oil transportation industries. We know more than the law, we know the industry too.


Wendy N. Reed
President, Managing Shareholder Wendy N. Reed
David S. Berman
Shareholder David S. Berman
Joseph S. Koury
Shareholder Joseph S. Koury
Ryan J. Collins
Managing Shareholder Ryan J. Collins
Sigifredo Perez
Associate Sigifredo Perez
Krystal A. Tapper
Associate Krystal A. Tapper
Wendy B. Warren
Managing Shareholder Wendy B. Warren
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Associate Abraham F. Johns
Ruth M. Porter
Shareholder Ruth M. Porter
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