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For over 65 years, Wright & Talisman has been a steady partner with energy companies helping them navigate the complexities of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and its regulation of natural gas and oil pipelines and electric utilities. Devoted exclusively to the practice of energy law, we have a profound understanding of the legal challenges surrounding the generation and transmission of electric energy, as well as the challenges that confront clients engaged in the transmission and distribution of natural gas and oil. Our strong grasp of FERC and the laws and regulations it administers allows us to provide clients with sophisticated regulatory compliance counseling, as well as representation in enforcement proceedings, rulemakings and regulatory litigation.

We know more than the law, we know the industry. Respected as some of the best energy attorneys in the industry, as noted by U.S. News and Chambers, we are steeped in the energy industry and bring substantial depth of experience to our clients’ energy and FERC challenges. Our understanding of the energy landscape, along with our deep knowledge of both the industry and the law, enables us to deliver substantial answers quickly, guide our clients to favorable outcomes, and influence the rules on FERC regulation on our clients’ behalf.

Although our home base is Washington, D.C., we serve a wide range of clients throughout the U.S., including some of the most prominent businesses in the electric, gas and oil sectors. Our clients include utilities, regional transmission organizations, power producers, natural gas and oil pipelines, natural gas distribution companies, developers, banks and investors. Our practice primarily involves representing clients before the FERC, various federal and state regulatory agencies, and federal and state courts.

Our attorneys come from diverse government and private sector backgrounds and most have more than 20 years of experience focused exclusively on the practice of energy law. Our unique blend of high-powered talent, unparalleled FERC experience, and an advanced understanding of our clients’ businesses, allows us to deliver innovative and forward-thinking solutions to very complex legal problems.

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