Vivian has a proven track record of expertly navigating issues in energy policy and ratemaking, enforcement and compliance, antitrust and market power analyses, and infrastructure development.  She has successfully settled and litigated a variety of electric, oil, and gas ratemaking and enforcement matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or Commission).  In addition, Vivian has a deep understanding of emerging issues in electric transmission and interconnection policy. Prior to joining Wright & Talisman, Vivian held numerous leadership roles during her long tenure at FERC, where she most recently served as Special Counsel to the Legal Director of FERC’s Office of Administrative Litigation. She advised senior leadership on agency-wide initiatives and led the settlement and litigation of complex matters before administrative law judges and the Commission. As an innovative and skilled consensus-builder, Vivian has settled numerous multi-million to multi-billion-dollar matters addressing highly complex issues of first impression.   

During her tenure at FERC, Vivian also served as a policy advisor to a FERC Commissioner, where she covered the proposed rulemakings on electric transmission planning, cost allocation, and transmission interconnection, as well as wholesale electric market issues, and stakeholder, congressional, and public engagements. Vivian has also handled and led investigations and litigation as an enforcement attorney in FERC’s Office of Enforcement. In 2013, her investigative work led to the largest enforcement settlement in FERC history.