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A Message from Wright & Talisman on Our Coronavirus Preparedness

To our clients and friends,

We hope you, your family, and organization are doing as well as can be expected in these extraordinary times.

Like all of you, Wright & Talisman continues to monitor the spread and consequences of the COVID-19 virus. Our executive committee has been meeting regularly to assess conditions and to adapt our operations as circumstances continue to change.

Our priority in this unprecedented situation is to sustain our ability to serve our clients with the quality of service you expect and deserve from us, consistent with ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and attorneys. It is our intention to continue managing the matters you entrust to us with the same diligence and professional standards as always.

Please be assured that we have in place resources and plans to allow us to continue to serve you throughout this crisis. In particular, we have expanded our secure, remote access to our office computer network to accommodate all of our staff in addition to our lawyers. Our attorneys and staff are equipped with the appropriate technology, training, and communications to carry out their job responsibilities from home in a manner as close to business as usual as possible. Because many of our attorneys and staff are working remotely, please understand that when you call our office, you may be greeted by an automated attendant, rather than our receptionist, but the system will readily enable you to reach any of us. All of our attorneys’ office phones are forwarded to them when they are working outside the office. We also have suspended visits to our office by non-employees except for essential meetings with clients and any deliveries that are necessary to maintain our office functions. Except as required by a client, we have stopped all business travel by our attorneys, as well as in-person attendance at industry meetings and conferences. Collectively, these arrangements enable us to implement prudent social distancing measures so that we may continue to serve you and to ensure the health and safety of our personnel. 

We wish all of you the very best as we navigate this difficult time. Be well.